Our 68 Mustang Convertible Part IV
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After a bit of touch up paint and polish! It's starting to look good! I found a perfect maching colour mach at Canadian Tire of all places. I sanded and touched up the pealing spots and wet sanded and compounded the whole car!
It's not a fresh paint job, but at least it looks great for now!
Double click on image for large size - better quality picture!

the rear view Our 68 front view The front fender view!

New Pictures of my work this summer: I restored the trunk area and started on the engine. The trunk was striped and sanded to bare metal then I smothed dings, primed it and painted all areas in matching candy apple red. The light cups were sanded and polished to brand new condition.
Trunk Restoration

It's all done at last! A perfectly painted gas tank! Click to see what it looked like before restoration! Click to see what it looked like before restoration!

The engine is my current project, I am sanding, striping, polishing and at this point starting get ready to prime and paint. Good because I am "tired" of making things look worse than they were! A necessary step though! :)

289 Ci - 2V Engine, C4 Automatic, Power Steering, Power Top, GT Dress up, Deluxe interior.

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