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The 1967 Mustang

the 1967 Mustang
The second chapter of the Mustangs history is as exciting as the first one. Ford had to contend with a couple of very important factors. First and foremost the Mustangs popularity and sales success was a hard thing to repeat and second the competition would be trying to take in some of that success away.
For the first change over in the Mustang it had to be a better, nicer looking car, with better performance, but yet it had to look like a Mustang. There couldn't be any doubt about it.
The familiar features had to be there. The side scope, the running horse up front, and the now familiar and defining shape of long hood and short rear deck. The three body styles would remain in the line up.
The hardtop coupe, the convertible and the fast-back.
As performance wars increase so did the need of a bigger engine for the Mustang. Ford decided to give the Mustang a boost by giving it the first big block engine the 390 ci. That had to be considered when designing the new car. It had to be a bit bigger so the engine could fit. The weight distribution also had to be looked at so it could maintaining it's good stability.
The final design was a well balanced style, that did look like a Mustang even though a little bigger and a bit heavier (less than 150 pounds more). The most striking changes were a bigger grill, a more sculpted side scoop and the rear treatment was a recessed panel with integrated rear lights and the word mustang in the back. An optional hood  had hot air extractors with built in turning signals.
There were of course improvements in the Mustang with the new design some examples are dual hydraulic braking system, anti corrosion brake lines, for the first time in a Mustang a combined auto / Manual transmission the Select Shift Cruise-o-Matic, improved padding in the interior for safety, safety handles on the doors and shatterproof glass.
What did all that do for sales? Well people agreed, sales continued strong. The Mustang started a trend to win on the sales floor war against the new competition, that still holds true today.

The 1967 Mustang performance

Engine Code HorsePower
200 line 6 ----- T 120 HP
289 2V V8 -------- C 200 HP
289 4V V8 -------- A 225 HP
289 HI-PO V8 -------- K 271 HP
390 4V V8 -------- S 320 HP


The 1968 Mustang

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Ford continued with the Mustang "renewed" the previous year with not many changes. The old saying still applied don't try to fix a good thing if it's not broken!
There were some important changes  in '68 though. The most noticeable in style was the hood now had the standard air extractors with built in turning signals, optional the previous year. The side scoop now had a chrome vertical bar almost like of the '65 Mustang. Other changes and improvements were the collapsible steering column, the interior was reviewed, the exhaust system was revised due to the new emission regulations (performance was affected a bit by the extra restrictions of flow).
The rear window defogger, wide oval tires and even radial tires made their introduction in the Mustang this model year.
The mighty 302 cubic inch engine was introduced, it lasted until '93 in the Mustang in various forms.
This was the year of the Specials as a sales boost - The California Special, Sunshine Special, the High Country Special, the Lil' Red, the GT/SC (sports coupe) and more. This was also the year of one of the most feared Mustang at the drag strip the Ford 428 Cobra-Jet arrived, with a lot of torque 440 lb-ft. The quarter was there in under 12 seconds.

The Shelby Mustang changed a lot from the other Mustang stable mates. It's styling was simply stunning. It had different lights, front and back a redesigned hood as well as new front and back ends. For the first time since '66 Shelby had a convertible available (a bit more than 6). Shelby Mustang could be had in two models the GT350 (250 hp 302 ci ) & GT500 (385 hp 427/428 engines)

200 CI
Line 6 ---- T
289 CI 2V
V8 -------- C
302 CI 4V
V8 -------- J
390 CI 2V
V8 -------- Y
390 CI 4V
V8 -------- S
427 CI 4V
V8 -------- W
428 CI 4V CJ
V8 -------- P

The '69 - '70 years

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